The Ultimate Ammo Picker Upper Tool: Holt’s Nut Wizard

Holt's Nut Wizard

Shooting a gun and playing piano share one thing in common: practice makes perfect. Every gun owner knows that target practice will translate into success during hunting season. But when you go to target practice those annoying shell casings get all over the ground. That leaves you wondering who is required to pick up those shell casings.

Well there is no need to fret about the situation because there is an ultimate ammunition picker upper tool that is available. It’s called the Holt’s Nut Wizard. If you are thinking to yourself “nut wizard?” I understand – what does a nut wizard have to do with picking up nuts? Well the answer is simple. If you look at the photograph above, you will see that the nut wizard comes in a variety of sizes, from large to extra small. The different sized nut wizard are designed to pick up different types of objects, everything from apples to nuts to golf balls, and yes – ammunition shell casings. So although, the Holt’s Nut Wizard is called a “nut wizard” it should be called a “wizard” or a “picker upper wizard” because it picks up all sort of things other than nuts.

In any event, I digress. The point of this article is that the nut wizard can pick up you ammunition shell casings. Let me explain how it works. The nut wizard consists of a cylindrical wire basket attached to a handle. When the wire basket is placed on the ground and pushed from the handle, the cylinder rolls. When the basket rolls over an object, the basket wires open and close as it is rolled, thereby trapping the object inside. In the case of picking up ammunition shell casing, an extra small nut wizard will do the trick. And I tell you, it does it mightily. The nut wizard is an ammunition picker upper tool beast! You will not have to bend over any longer to pick up ammunition as long as you have this tool!


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The Ultimate Pine Cone Picker Upper Tool: Holt’s Nut Wizard

Holt Nut Wizard pine cone picker upper tool

Now that fall is here, it will soon be time to start picking up those pine cones. Ordinarily, my back would be crying in anticipation of back breaking pain. But thanks to my new Holt’s Nut Wizard, those day are behind me (and my back). I must tell you that picking up pine cones with the Holt’s Nut Wizard could not be any easier.

For those of you unfamiliar with the nut wizard, it is a simple pine cone picker upper tool. It is just a rotating wire basket attached to a wooden handle. When you roll the basket on the ground, the wire open up and capture whatever object that will fit inside. Thankfully, Holt’s makes a variety of different sized baskets that are capable of picking up everything from golf ball, to apples and other fruits, to ammunition shell casings.

And that brings me back to picking up pine cones off the ground: all I do is roll my nut wizard over the pine cone (I use the large nut wizard side for picking up pine cones) and those pine cones practically jump into the basket. I do not know the technical aspects of how the nut wizard works but I do know that I no longer have to bend over to pick up pine cones. I also know that the nut wizard saves me a lot of time because it picks up pine cones as fast as you can roll it.

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Taylor Pea Sheller Review

This is a review of the “Taylor Pea Sheller.” The Taylor Pea Sheller can function both as a  commercial pea sheller or a residential pea sheller. It features a powerful, 1/3 HP motor. So if you have a large home garden or will be shelling a substantial quantity of peas, the Talyor Pea Sheller is the preferred pea sheller for you. For smaller quantities of peas. the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller is a more appropriate electric pea sheller.

The Taylor Pea Sheller’s small size makes it highly mobile. You can place it in a kitchen, living room, or on an outside patio and it will get down to business.  Feel free to even take the Taylor to the field. You will be pleased to know that the Taylor can shell 3 to 4 bushels of peas per hour, making it excellent for shelling everything from black eyed peas, crowders, lady fingers, white acres, butter beans, and English peas. 

I am confident you will enjoy using a Taylor Pea Sheller and for that reason I highly recommend it.

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Mr. Pea Sheller Review

Mr. Pea Sheller pea bean sheller

In case anyone is wondering whether it is possible to obtain an inexpensive and effective home pea sheller, I thought I would write this Mr. Pea Sheller review.  And I must say that the Mr. Pea Sheller is perfect for home users who want to shell black eye, purple hulls, or cream peas.  This little pea shelling machine packs quite the punch and can shell a 5 gallon bucket of purple hull peas in about 15 minutes. You can operate the Mr. Pea Sheller manually using the included hand crank or you can connect it to a 100 watt mixer and it will automatically dispel of your pea shelling jobs.  Mr. Pea Sheller is priced at under $30 – you cannot beat it. Now you can step it up to the Electric Mr. Pea Sheller if you want to use an electric pea sheller without having to worry about getting a mixer.


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The Ultimate Pea Sheller Machine: The Mr. Pea Sheller


Who says you cannot have an ultimate pea sheller machine at a price that does not break the bank? Whoever made such a proclamation never heard of the new and improved Electric Mr. Pea Sheller.

The new Mr. Pea Sheller is small and powerful just like its predecessor. But several improvements have been made to the pea sheller  First, the new Mr. Pea Sheller is made of aluminium instead of wood. The aluminum is obviously lighter in weight, which makes it more mobile. But the aluminum has another added benefit: it is better at disbursing heat from the pea sheller’s motor – which translates into less strain on the motor. The new Mr. Pea Sheller will run longer and last longer. Additionally, it has an on/off switch for your added convenience. Speaking of convenience, unlike its predecessor model, the new Mr. Pea Sheller comes fully assembled. So all that you need to do is take it out of the box, plug it in, and turn it on. Let the pea shelling begin! The largest pea sheller dealer in the U.S. is Lawn Gardening Tools so go ahead and spare yourself a headache this season and get yourself a Mr. Pea Sheller.

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Holt’s Nut Wizard Review

Many of our readers have written in and asked one simple question about the Holt’s Nut Wizard. That question is pretty simple and straight forward: “does the Holt’s Nut Wizard really work?” Well below we embark on answering that question in full.

For those of you who may be unfamiliar with the Holt’s Nut Wizard, we thought we would say a few words describing the Nut Wizard. The Nut Wizard is a nut gatherer tool or nut picker upper. Actually, though, in all fairness to the Nut Wizard, it picks up a lot more than nuts. Depending on the size of nut wizard involved, the Holt Nut Wizard can pick up everything from pecans to apples, ammo shell casings, to golf balls. They also pick up pine cones, in addition to a wide array of nuts, including black walnuts, English Walnuts … I think you are getting the picture. But the end result of the Nut Wizard is that it picks up objects faster than us humans and it saves the strain on our backs.

So exactly how does a nut wizard work? Well the nut wizard consists of a pole that is attached to a cylindrical, wire basket. When placed on the ground the basket rolls. Once the basket is rolled over an object, the wires open up and engulf the object, trapping the object inside the basket. This holds true whether you roll the nut wizard over nuts or anything else that will fit into its basket. which come in a variety of sizes. Therefore, because of the variety of basket sizes, the nut wizard can pick up a variety of objects.

Now to directly answer our readers’ questions as to whether the nut wizard actually works: absolutely – 100%. In fact, we can tell you that the number one dealer of the Holt Nut Wizard in the country guarantees your satisfaction. At Lawn Gardening Tools, you have 30 days to get a full refund of the purchase price.

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Get Crackin And Eat More Macadamia Nuts: They’re Good For You


The only excuse one can have for not eating macadamia nuts is that they are a tough nut to crack. Other than that, there is no reason why we would not be enjoying this healthy and delicious nut. Macadamias are low in cholesterol and sodium. In addition, they are a great source of thiamin and manganese. And speaking of taste, macadamia nuts have a rich, sweet, delicate, buttery flavor that is enjoyed in desserts and savory dishes.

By harvesting and cracking your own macadamia nuts you will not waste money buying expensive, pre-shelled macadamia nuts.  However, be advised that macadamia, much like black walnuts, are extremely difficult to crack without the right nut cracking machine. So you’ll need to find a good macadamia nut cracking machine and for that I recommend that Get Crackin‘.  The Get Crackin’ is made of steel and built to last your entire lifetime. But most importantly, it works and it works well. Cracking Macadamia nuts with the Get Crackin’ is ideal given its effectiveness and modest cost. Great thing about the Get Crackin’ is that, in addition to being a fantastic macadamia nut cracker, it is a black walnut cracker, English walnut cracker, and a Brazilian nut cracker all combined into one unit.

So you will get a lot of nut cracking versatility with the Get Crackin’. I highly recommend that you give it a try.



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